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FEN – Winter (English)
| 27.01.2017

Snow outside, FEN inside.

A nice coincidence that it began snowing outside, as I sat down to review the upcoming FEN album, “Winter”…

The first time I met with the band was the “Malediction Fields” review on our website. It was impossible not to see some similarities between FEN and AGALLOCH back then, yet the band was showing some obvious potential. I wasn’t that impressed though, so I put them to the “yes, there is this band” folder in my head and moved on.

Looking at the band today, FEN is around since 2006 and “Winter” is their 5th album to date. Once perceived as a “quality AGALLOCH clone”, FEN widened their musical vision with their sophomore effort “Epoch” and then the post-rock ridden “Dustwalker” helped them to distinguish their sound even more. With 2014′s almost brilliant “Carrion Skies“, FEN’s transformation was obviously not over.

“Winter” is a conceptual album and the band put all kinds of efforts to make this materialize. The album oozes epicness, both harsh and delicate sides of winter and it’s completed with what I think the forte of FEN: enigma. The whole album has an almost peculiar enigma that makes us think not just the obvious coldness and whiteness of winter, but the deeper, hidden, magical sides of it as well.

There are some genetic elements in atmospheric black metal that force bands to try even harder not to sound similar to one another. The genre has its rules and limits and trying to push them while staying consistent is not an easy task. The progressive attitude of “Winter” makes me think of ENSLAVED from time to time, particularly the “Isa” – “Axioma Ethica Odini” era, yet by no means FEN try to emulate someone else’s successful formula. They manage to create a well-structured atmosphere akin to some of their biggest peers, but with a touch of uniqueness. Add to that the somewhat Bergmanesque cinematographic atmosphere of winter; it’s inevitable that we have a winner.

Being the longest FEN album with its 75 minutes playing time, I wouldn’t be surprised if some fans see “Winter” as the best FEN album to date. It requires at least a couple of listens to fully grasp the deep conceptual atmosphere, which is backed by the gorgeous album art and the lyrical content.

As far as metal goes, 2017 already started pretty amazing and FEN gives us a fine opportunity to enjoy the season not just physically, but also with an audial perspective.

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The Watcher: Guitars, vocals
Grungyn: Bass, vocals
Havenless: Drums
1. I (Pathway)
2. II (Penance)
3. III (Fear)
4. IV (Interment)
5. V (Death)
6. VI (Sight)
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“FEN – Winter (English)” yazısına 2 yorum var

  1. deadhouse says:

    Bu yazının hikmeti nedir. Bir proje miydi, örnek olsun diye mi yazıldı. Neden başka İngilizce kritik yok. Yabancı sitelere yollandı ve öylesine buraya da mı kondu? Meraklar, meraklar. Fazla merak iyi değil ama…

    Ahmet Saraçoğlu

    @deadhouse, şirket rica etmişti. Birkaç tane daha var sanırım sitede.

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