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AENAON – Hypnosophy (English)
| 08.10.2016

Twisted greatness from the other side of the Aegean.

Greek black metal scene has always been one of the most interesting and unique places within the genre. Starting out at the end of eighties and the beginning of nineties, black metal in Greece put forth a significant tour de force, thanks to the pioneers such as NECROMANTIA, VARATHRON and ROTTING CHRIST who lit the fire of Hellenic black metal and paved the way for many others to come. Other bands from the first half of the nineties also contributed to the Hellenic darkness, with the likes of AGATUS (especially with “Dawn of Martyrdom”), KAWIR with their indulgence in Greek mythology and ethnic heritage and early ZEMIAL, also were responsible for the characteristic darkness rising from the opposite shores of the Aegean Sea.

After the new millenium, Greek metal was mostly spearheaded by the extreme bands that prefer crafting their art on the darker side. Extreme Greek metal that was led by ROTTING CHRIST and reunited SEPTICFLESH managed to deliver many strong up-and-comers as well. One of these bands is AENAON. They presented a very well crafted avangard/experimental/progressive black metal in 2014′s “Extance” and now they are about to release their third opus named “Hypnosophy” at the end of November. They kindly shared the promo of the album and this is the first ever review of “Hypnosophy”, so thanks to guys in AENAON (Achilleas mostly) for the privilege.

First of all, let me tell you that if you liked “Extance”s varied and rich structure, you’ll love “Hypnosophy” as well. Where “Extance” had 11 songs covering 65 minutes, “Hypnosophy” has only 7 songs with a playing time of 55 minutes. Obviously AENAON is not a standart black metal band. They don’t only differentiate themselves by introducing additional instruments like saxophone or using all kinds of vocal styles, they also stand in a different place due to their characteristic sound and most importantly, not limiting themselves by any means. I think they have some similarities with their Thessalonian buddies HAIL SPIRIT NOIR in that manner. Looking at their sound in a broader aspect, late IHSAHN or even “Vilosophe” period MANES may come to mind, though AENAON mostly stays on the aggressive.

At first glimpse, “Hypnosophy” has a stronger, cleaner production than “Exance”. This adds a livelier appeal to the album that showcases the improvement in songwriting. The band seem more secure and grounded than the already amazing “Extance”. When I think of songs like A Treatise on the Madness of God or Der Müde Tod, clean vocals are even more dominant and powerful in “Hypnosophy”. The opener and first single Oneirodynia is truely a work of art and the range of vocals used in this song is nothing but spectacular. The heavy metal screams at 3:45 make me scream my heart out every single time. Utterly brilliant. The “festive black metal” feel on Fire Walk With Me and the female vocals on Void are also examples of AENAON’s ability to use so many different things yet staying coherent and structured. The latter also shines with the use of sitar, which is a fine Eastern surprise much like the beginnig of Tunnel, which starts out with some groovy darbuka utilization.

The beginnig of Thus Ocean Swells has a feel similar to HAIL SPIRIT NOIR’s “Oi Magoi” and the album comes to an end with the 15 minute closer Phronesis – Psychomagic, just like the lenghty closer Palindrome on “Exance”. Phronesis – Psychomagic is a rich, varied song that showcases many aspects of AENAON. A minor complaint about this song is that some of the clean vocals didn’t give me the intended dramatical feel, due the timbre of the vocalist’s voice. I think a more identifiable, more passionate voice might have been used instead. Yet, they don’t bring the song down by any means. I just think it could have been even better.

In conclusion, AENAON is not your typical black metal band for sure. Some might say that they aren’t even a black metal band at all. A spoonful of avangard, even more experimentation, a commited and bold attitude and a passionate group of musicians on top of everything. Compared to ragged yet majestic “Extance”, “Hypnosophy” is a more artsy, colorful, dramatical, detailed and eventful album, as can be seen and compared on the artworks of each album.

Much like the nineties, Greece continues to produce some fine metal after 2000′s. From the death metal abomination of DEAD CONGREGATION to stoner kings PLANET OF ZEUS, from the hideous blackness of RAVENCULT to ambient dark textures of SPECTRAL LORE or melodic darkness of KATAVASIA, there are many great bands that display high quality metal in different genres (I’ll talk about this in detail in our upcoming “Greek Metal Scene” article). AENAON is one of these bands. They are not following someone else’s footsteps and they do what their twisted minds tell them to do.

I don’t know if it’s their rich cultural heritage or their even more intricate mythology, those twisted minds are telling them great things; really, really great things.

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  Albüm bilgileri
Çıkış tarihi
Code666 Records
Astrous: Vocals
Achilleas C.: Guitars
Anax (J.M): Guitars
Orestis Z.: Saxophone
Nycriz: Drums
1. Oneirodynia
2. Fire Walk with Me
3. Earth Tomb
4. Void
5. Tunnel
6. Thus Ocean Swells
7. Phronesis - Psychologic
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“AENAON – Hypnosophy (English)” yazısına 3 yorum var

  1. crowkiller says:

    Kritiğin ingilizcesini de yazdığına göre site artık dunyaya açılıyor sanırım :) iyi olmuş

  2. Rashid says:

    Bence sitenin büyümesi adına vakti olan herkes yazdığı kritikleri(yalnızca yeni albümlerin) 2 dilde yazarsa iyi bir gelişme kaydederiz.

    Ahmet Saraçoğlu

    @Rashid, zaman alan bir şey olduğundan, çok istememe rağmen bu olayı ancak böyle özel istekler için yapabiliriz gibi duruyor.

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